The Many Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey Protein is fast becoming the most important supplement for any active individual. Whey has its special building blocks that our bodies need most. Protein is one nutrient we cannot live without, because the body needs it to repair and rebuild, and researchers have been discovering that most people don’t get enough.

The scientific research on Whey started during the mid 1900′s, when researchers were experimenting with proteins from plant and animal sources. They discovered that some proteins have all the essential amino acids to support growth and health, while other proteins didn’t. After years of testing they determined that whey protein scored the highest in amino acid composition and a high biological value measure ( a measure of how much protein is actually used by the body ). As the research progressed the scientists began to focus on protein building blocks ( the individual amino acids ), testing each amino acid separately.

Here are some of the benefits of the main key amino acids that occur in significant amounts of high-quality Whey Protein:

BCAA’s ( Branched – Chain – Amino Acids )
Increases endurance
Prevents Fatigue
Improves Mental Performance
Increases Energy Level
Maintains nervous system health
Relieves depression
Elevates Mood
Decreases Pain
Boosts Memory
Suppresses appetite

Relieves mild to moderate depression
Relieves insomnia
Suppresses Appetite
Reduces overall sensation of pain

Increases growth hormone levels
Protects against heart disease
Lowers Blood Pressure
Improves poor circulation
Aids in production of creatine ( important source of energy )